Visteon working on active sound management

By applying a range of audio processing algorithms, Visteon enhances the in-vehicle driving experience through active sound management (controlling engine sound in the passenger cabin) and audio post processing (enhancing multimedia listening).

Teaming with sound technology leaders Mueller-BBM and SRS Labs, Visteon uses digital signal processing (DSP) as well as new audio head unit and amplifier designs to take the in-vehicle sound and listening experience to a new level.

Active sound management combines engine order cancellation and engine sound enhancement in a single system, delivering a cost-effective solution with high consumer-perceived quality.

Through a development agreement with Mueller, a leading developer of active sound management systems, Visteon can apply state-of-the-art technology to improve the sound of the engine inside the vehicle passenger cabin. The agreement strengthens a working relationship between Visteon and Mueller for developing and commercializing automotive active noise cancellation and engine sound enhancement systems.

The active sound management system offers a real-time solution to reduce audible engine harmonics in the cabin generated during the engine combustion process. Implemented through a DSP-based amplifier and a combination of microphones, the system makes possible up to seven orders of simultaneous engine order cancellation and powertrain acoustic enhancement.

Visteon is working with SRS Labs, an industry leader in audio signal processing for consumer electronics, to develop audio post-processing systems for the automotive market. Through this arrangement, Visteon is exploring using this technology – originally developed by SRS Labs – to enhance the listening experience associated with common consumer electronic multimedia devices.

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