Trafficmaster acquires FMS, a US fleet management company

Trafficmaster has announced that it has acquired Fleet Management Solutions Inc., a US  fleet management company.

FMS (Fleet Management Solutions, Inc.) delivers its satellite-based tracking services to a broad range of customers worldwide and has extensive expertise in applying its solutions to specific niche markets such as oil and gas, construction and mining and Government/military agencies, where there is a requirement for highly reliable, secure tracking services to manage assets in remote locations.

The acquisition of FMS by Trafficmaster will enable the companies to facilitate the adoption of their technologies by organizations that have multiple fleets and/or mixed fleets with varying requirements for security, communications, ruggedness, price sensitivity, and timely access to data.

FMS solutions have been successfully deployed by both the US Government Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US State Department.

Currently, FMS is in the process of equipping the DHS’s Detention and Removal Operation’s fleet of 4500 vehicles with its mobile resource management system. FMS customers derive significant benefits from these services, and are able to manage remote fleets in real time, reduce operating costs and enhancing the safety and security of assets.

Trafficmaster comprises US-based Teletrac, Inc. and Trafficmaster Plc in the UK.

Source: Teletrac.

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