South America: Waze announces partnership with Location World

This is a feature article posted on TN for Waze.

Waze has announced its first international partnership with Location World, the largest location-based services and solutions company in South America, based in Ecuador, with a strong, fast growing presence in additional Latin American countries including Panama, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia and Chile.

Under the terms of the agreement, waze will use Location World’s premium-grade maps for its service and, in return, will provide Location World with ongoing, real-time automated and community-generated map updates and real-time traffic information, transforming it into the most up-to-date map first in Ecuador, and then shortly in rest of Latin America.

Waze users in these countries will benefit from a fully localized service, with great base maps that significantly accelerate the creation of free turn-by-turn navigation, real time traffic information and community reporting from day one.

In this partnership all sides benefit; Location World instantly upgrades their maps to become real-time maps, constantly updated via community crowdsourcing, providing them with more value, at significantly less cost. Waze, on the other hand, benefits from the use of a professional grade base map, significantly accelerating its community growth and international expansion.

In addition to waze’s partnership with Location World, waze is also forming alliances in multiple countries worldwide and is seeking partnerships with other international map owners.

Parties interested in collaboration can contact waze for more information at

Source: Waze.

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