Hella predictive lighting system to use Intermap’s road geometry data

Intermap Technologies has announced a collaboration with Hella regarding a predictive front lighting system based on Intermap’s reliable 3D road geometries.

The partnership integrates Intermap’s high-resolution 3D road geometries, and information supplied by camera systems in an automobile, into Hella’s front lighting demonstration system – ultimately providing a significant increase in visibility for drivers at night and during inclement weather by automatically directing the headlamp before the driver manually steers the vehicle into a bend or up and down a slope.

Intermap has developed the world’s only database encompassing accurate 3D road geometry for every road in the United States and Western Europe.

“Intermap´s highly accurate 3D road data is a key enabler of our map-based predictive front lighting application,” said Dr.-Ing. Georg Florissen, Hella’s head of advanced development, driver assistance systems lighting.

“Overall, this integration of digital map data provides a comprehensive and secure system, combining the data with camera and other sensors to take our predictive front lighting systems to the next level.”

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, adaptive headlight systems could help reduce the number of related fatal crashes from the nearly 2,500 currently in the U.S. every year.

Source: Intermap.

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