Renesas announces new MCUs for ADAS

Renesas Technology Europe has announced the SH74552 and SH74562 32-bit MCUs for applications of advanced driver assistance systems, needed in automobile “active safety” systems, such as those for obstacle detection and risk avoidance. Sample shipments will begin in May 2010.

Renesas Technology’s SH7450 Series MCUs for applications of advanced driver assistance combine on-chip flash memory and high-speed operation. Sample shipments of products with a high operating frequency of 240 MHz have already begun to manufacturers of luxury cars.

In an advanced driver assistance system, data detected by a sensor electronic control unit (ECU) linked to milliwave radar, cameras, etc., is transferred via a controller area network (CAN) to a sensor fusion ECU, which uses it to perform control functions. The SH74552 and SH74562 integrate 4-channel CAN functionality to accommodate additional sensor or actuator ECUs for higher-performance advanced driver assistance systems.

Going forward, the amount of communication data handled is expected to increase rapidly to support coordinated control among vehicle systems, and it is possible that the communication speed of the present CAN specification may prove inadequate. For this reason, the SH74552 is equipped with a 2-channel FlexRay controller, a next-generation backbone network specification providing faster communication speed and enhanced reliability.

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