Tata Nano to get Clarion audio systems

Clarion will deliver original car audio systems to India auto giant Tata Motors for the strategically placed, ultra low-cost “Nano” when full-scale mass production kicks off in March 2010.

As of January 2010, Clarion is the only Japanese car audio system maker officially appointed as an original supplier by Tata Motors for the “Nano.”

The products being delivered for the “Nano” may be installed as original car audio systems at the Tata Motors parts depot nearest the car buyer, if he or she so desires. The luxury model car audio system features 1DIN FM radio, USB/SD card reader and Bluetooth capability.

Developed and manufactured by affiliated company Clarion (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, the product is being delivered to Tata Motors through Supreme Audiotronics Pvt. Ltd., Clarion’s India sales partner. In addition, delivery of the standard model of the product is set to commence in April 2010.

As the only officially appointed Japanese car audio maker for the “Nano,” Clarion has been delivering car audio systems for the Nano since limited production commenced in March last year, and anticipates combined sales of its luxury and standard models to reach 90,000 units a year after the start of mass production.

Luxury model (“Mirage”)

* Estimated retail price: US$160
* Sales target: 30,000 / year
* Specifications: 18 FM stations /MP3/SD/Bluetooth
* Output: 50W x 4ch
* Dimensions: Standard Din, 178mm x 50mm x 100mm

Standard model

* Sales target: 60,000 / year
* Specifications: 2 FM stations /MP3/USB
* Output: 15W x 2ch
* USB File Format: MP3 and WMA
* Dimensions: Standard Din, 178mm x 50mm x 100mm

Source: Clarion.

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