Firefox launches location-aware browser for Nokia Maemo platform

Firefox has announced that its browser is available for Nokia’s Maemo platform with location-aware browsing capabilites.

In its official blog, the company said ‘Bringing Firefox to mobile devices is the next step toward fulfilling Mozilla’s mission of providing one Web that everyone can access, regardless of device or location. Secure, powerful, and customizable, Firefox is the most modern mobile Web browser available and is optimized for a mobile experience.’

Key features include:

# Weave Sync – Users can sync Firefox tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords between the desktop and mobile device for a seamless browsing experience

# Add-ons – Users can customize Firefox by adding small pieces of functionality, like games and news readers

# Location-Aware Browsing – Maps and information relevant to the user’s location

Firefox is the first mobile Web browser to support add-ons. With add-ons, users can customize Firefox by adding features that help make the browser their own. Add-ons like AdBlock Plus, URL Fixer, TwitterBar, language translators, and geo guides become especially handy when users are out and about using their mobile devices.

Source: Mozilla.

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