TomTom CEO promises daily map updates by year-end

Speaking to WirtschaftsWoche, TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn has announced that by the end of the year, TomTom will provide map updates to users on an almost daily basis.

TomTom LIVE (PNDs with integrated cellular modules) users will receive map updates in real time and other users can download them online via a PC.

In addition, Harold Goddijn has said that TomTom is not worried about the free navigation offerings from Google and Nokia. Despite the economic crisis, TomTom has sold more devices than ever in 2009 with an increasing market share.

TomTom is also expecting new business opportunities from its HD Traffic service and is in talks with vehicle manufacturers and handset makers.

Speaking about the Carminat TomTom (Renault) system, Harold Goddijn has said that in future, vehicle manufacturers will develop similar solutions as this halves the time to market and reduces design cost by around 60 to 70%.

Source: WirtschaftsWoche.

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