NA: NAVTEQ traffic info used by 90% of all vehicle models with navigation

NAVTEQ has reported that more than 145 North American vehicle models or approximately 43% of all car models now integrate real-time traffic on full-screen navigation systems. NAVTEQ now powers 133, or 90 percent, of those vehicle models offering traffic in North America.

Inclusion of real-time traffic in vehicle navigation systems has been growing since 2004 when NAVTEQ first offered personalized real-time traffic data linked to vehicle navigation.

Momentum has been building with 34 vehicle models offering NAVTEQ Traffic in 2007; 66 models in 2008 and more than doubling to 133 models offering real-time traffic in navigation systems in 2009.

This rapid growth has been fueled by consumers who have been asking for systems to include real-time traffic information. A NAVTEQ study reports that 92% of in vehicle navigation system users say they are “very interested” in real-time traffic for their navigation device.

This growth is not limited to vehicles, as the popularity of real-time traffic information for users of personal navigation devices, or PNDs, is increasing as well. NAVTEQ Traffic has become the leader in real-time traffic delivery available to millions of drivers via in-vehicle, portable, wireless and online navigation products and services.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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