France: ASF and Orange partner to provide traffic info (pilot project)

ASF (Autoroutes du Sud de la France) and Orange Business Services have joined forces to develop an innovative solution in real-time traffic information aimed at local authorities and road operators.

The two companies are launching a large-scale pilot deployment. The aim is to deliver real-time road traffic information on nearly 1,200 kilometres of different types of road network: motorways, national and departmental highways and peri-urban express ways.

The solution, which was developed by both partners, draws on the combination of their technical expertise and the pooling of each partner’s information sources:

– Traffic data collected in real time by ASF using sensors, traffic count stations, cameras and patrols carried out on its network;

– Information gathered using an entirely original solution developed by Orange Labs on the Orange mobile phone network. This allows motorists’ speed to be statistically estimated via their mobile on all road networks.

The traffic information flow produced in real time will include four types of high value-added data:

– Spot speed at a given point on the road network.
– Traffic conditions.
– Journey time.
– Traffic jams, with an indication of clearance times.

By bringing together their technological know-how and aggregating their respective content, the two companies are producing extremely reliable traffic information, updated every six minutes, across a currently unrivalled geographical coverage of the road network.

The coverage zone defined for the pilot deployment stretches over nearly 1,200 kilometres (600 kilometres in both directions) from Toulouse to Montauban, Auch, Albi, Castelnaudary, Pamiers and Saint-Gaudens. The starfish-shaped perimeter, with the City of Toulouse at the centre, covers the different types of traffic (urban, peri-urban and long-distance) active in this region.

Source: Orange.

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