German traffic technology company GEWI, enters the US market

German company Gewi has entered the USA market by launching TIC3, the latest version of its off-the-shelf software system for managing roadway information for DOTs, car makers and device manufacturers.

The company is known for its TIC (Traveller Information Center) software platform, which is used to collect, create, store, monitor, view, manage and distribute information such as traffic data from a wide range of sources. The company’s software is designed to be used as an out-of-box system or as a server-based or hosted service delivery platform.

The TIC platform is capable of producing outputs in any required format, including RDS-TMC, TPEG, radio and TV traffic reports, PDA, and web. The company’s clients include Nokia, BMW, Navteq and Daimler.

Gewi’s software has been used in more than 100 projects worldwide, and has most recently been integrated in embedded and portable devices for processing traffic information.

The Gewi platform is hardware and operating system agnostic and can help process and distribute data sources, such as traffic cameras or crowd-sourced traffic information, in an integrated manner, allowing customers to prioritize different data feeds depending on circumstances.

Source: Traffic Technology.

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