IBM to host Sierra Wireless’ M2M services in North America

Sierra Wireless has signed a services contract with IBM to host a new services platform dedicated to its software as a service Machine-to-Machine offering (data communication between machines through wired or wireless networks).

Under the terms of the agreement, IBM will provide data center collocation facilities and services to Sierra Wireless. In 2008, Sierra Wireless deployed its first platform in France to service the European market. Now it is expanding to support its growth in North America and guarantee stable, secure and worldwide service coverage to its Machine-to-Machine customer base.

Sierra Wireless selected IBM and Rackforce to host the offering at the recently built GigaCenter in Kelowna, British Columbia, a new generation of data center which guarantees security, scalability and high availability required by Machine-to-Machine customers to manage more and more wireless-connected devices in the field.

Many data centers today are not capable of managing emerging applications and the growth of information being driven by the increasing number of people, places, and things being connected by the Internet every day. Smarter data centers such as the GigaCentre provide greater standardized control over how, where and when data center resources are used, to provide higher levels of service and reliability.

Source: Sierra Wireless.

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