Japan: Nissan wins award for its eco-drive system

Nissan has announced that its eco-drive support system, Eco-mode function and Navigation-linked speed control, employed in Nissan’s compact vehicles has won the ANRE (Agency for Natural Resources and Energy) Director-General’s award in the 20th annual Energy Conservation Prize.

When a vehicle is starting, cruising and decelerating before going into a curve, this system where the engine, CVT and the navigation system are cooperated can enhance in-use fuel efficiency without any special driving skills. The system has already been adopted in Nissan vehicles starting by Tiida and Tiida Latio released in May 2009, as well as Cube released in November 2009.

Each of the following technologies are employed in this system;

Smooth Acceleration Assist: Assists soft acceleration which eco-drivers do with engine control.

Smart-rev Control: At the time of slow acceleration, identify flapping acceleration and maintain engine revolution constant to avoid uneven speed change and unnecessary fuel consumption.

Eco-mode Function: Enhanced version of Smooth Acceleration Assist. A mode can be changed by a flip of a switch.

Navigation-linked Speed Control: The engine brake is optimized to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption by providng route-information via the on-board navigation system including information on the next curve and the distance to the next tollgate, in addition to information from the vehicle.

Source: Nissan.

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