Coulomb Technologies introduces Flex Billing for electric vehicles

Coulomb Technologies has announced the Flex Billing system – Beginning in July, users of ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations will no longer need a subscription to the ChargePoint Network. As a more flexible alternative, owners of the charging stations (Hosts), including utilities, retailers, municipalities and corporations will determine the price that drivers pay to use their stations, if any.

The Flex Billing system provides the tools for Hosts to set pricing at individual charging stations while Coulomb provides turnkey services to collect, process and forward payments from drivers directly to Hosts. Additionally, Coulomb is introducing its new ChargePass smart cards that gives EV owners the ability to fuel up at any ChargePoint Networked Charging Station and receive payment discounts and other benefits.

The Flex Billing system features include:

* Coulomb no longer requires subscriptions and no longer charges drivers for system use.
* Station owners set charging prices.
* Coulomb provides billing services to station owners.
* A 24-hour toll free number enables drivers to use major credit cards, and get help when they need it.
* The use of all major contactless credit cards directly at stations.
* The ability to use Coulomb’s own ChargePass smart card.

Learn more here.

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