NAVIGON publishes APIs to link other apps with its navi app

NAVIGON is now offering an open “AppInteract” interface for MobileNavigator. The navigation provider is thus giving app developers the opportunity to integrate the NAVIGON app into their own applications. All the information needed for seamless integration is being provided by NAVIGON. A document with all the relevant instructions is available at

Thanks to the link via AppInteract, users can access MobileNavigator from the application that they are currently using with just one click. This enables addresses to be automatically transferred to the navigation app and the user can then navigate their way to their destination immediately.

“Working together with app developers creates innovative navigation solutions that benefit our customers,” says Gerhard Mayr, Vice President of World-Wide Mobile Phone Business at NAVIGON.

A wide range of different apps enables iPhone users to plan flexibly, for example they can get the latest film tips and find a cinema nearby at the same time. However, detailed directions are often missing. Until now, the address had to be noted down and then entered into the navigation application.

“If iPhone users find a destination with the help of an app, which is supported by AppInteract, they can then be guided directly there. NAVIGON is increasing the benefits of MobileNavigator significantly once again with the AppInteract interface,” says Mayr.

NAVIGON is already successfully working with the creators of other apps. The “Where to? 2.5” by FutureTap is one of the leading applications specialising in searching for points of interest and was one of the first apps to use the NAVIGON AppInteract interface.

“The combination of location-based services and detailed navigation instructions is a perfect match. It fits in with our vision of an ecosystem of linked apps that are interacting ideally,” says Ortwin Gentz, CEO of FutureTap.

The second application that is already compatible with NAVIGON is “AroundMe 3.5” by TweakerSoft. “This software is one of the most popular and most downloaded location-based service applications around for the iPhone. We are therefore delighted that ‘AroundMe’ and NAVIGON MobileNavigator interconnect seamlessly, working together to give our customers the best possible user experience,” says Marco Pifferi from TweakerSoft.

Source: NAVIGON.

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