Cybercom to demonstrate connected infotainment for cars

Cybercom will demonstrate how cars will provide consumer services that are currently available via your mobile phone, computer, and TV at Mobile World Congress, a mobile trade show in Barcelona.

Cars will soon be able to download traffic information and news, stream music via Spotify, manage SMS messages and RSS feeds via voice commands, and even connect to the traffic cams along their route.

“Right now we’re working on a promising system with several leading automotive manufacturers – a product that has the potential to transform a car into a mobile platform,” says Ingmar Bengtsson, technical manager at Cybercom Sweden West.

When the next generation of cars is launched in a few years, car buyers will be able to use the new technologies to create their own personal infotainment systems via an app store on their home computers. And the auto manufacturer can directly contact the car owner to continually offer new services to be developed by Cybercom and its partners.

Cybercom’s infotainment concept also opens doors for mobile companies.

“This paves the way for new business opportunities and exciting applications as a result of combining the amazing innovation power in the mobile industry with vehicle information and technology,” says Bengtsson.

Learn more about Cybercom here.

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