Next-gen Ford SYNC to use Gracenote technology

Gracenote has announced three of its products are powering the next generation of Ford’s SYNC.

Gracenote’s Playlist Plus, MediaVOCS, and Cover Art offerings are all incorporated into the SYNC system, offering Ford drivers exceptional voice and graphical control over their media on iPods, MP3 players, USB & SD cards and Bluetooth audio devices.

Gracenote’s MediaVOCS allows drivers to navigate, discover and play their connected digital media collections in the car using voice commands with more accuracy than is possible with standard speech technology alone.

MediaVOCS enables voice recognition and speech synthesis of problematic and alternative artist and album names, thereby significantly improving the entire music playback experience. For instance, with MediaVOCS the system will recognize an artist nickname like “The Boss” for Bruce Springsteen, or an unobvious pronunciation like “Play Artist Sade”, or an abbreviated artist name like “Play Artist CCR” for Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Gracenote’s Playlist Plus allows drivers to clean up and organize song metadata and easily generate automatic playlists in the vehicle, and works seamlessly with MediaVOCS to enable a simpler and safer music management and enjoyment experience for drivers.

Utilizing the custom Gracenote classifications, drivers can create instant and intelligent “similar music” playlists with a single button or voice command. Specifically in the next generation of SYNC, misspelled, abbreviated or missing metadata is corrected using Playlist Plus, which in turn enables accurate playlisting and music navigation in the vehicle.

Users have the option to navigate their music with their original, familiar metadata or Gracenote’s normalized and extended metadata, while reaping all the benefits of the underlying, normalized and extended metadata in either case.

To complete the solution, the processing of a user’s media collection by Playlist Plus then enables SYNC to display licensed album cover
art from Gracenote. Ford drivers will now be able to navigate their music via a 3-D carousel of album cover art from an integrated database of licensed cover art scans, as well as view the related cover art for a currently playing track even when there is no cover art on the original connected media.

Via: The Auto Channel.

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