Only 25% of Europeans are aware of 112 emergency number

A Eurobarometer survey published in February 2010 showed that nine out of ten EU citizens found useful having a single emergency number everywhere in the EU. However, two thirds of respondents to the survey believed that people are not adequately informed about 112, which is a call for further action by national authorities.

Even where people recognise 112 as a national emergency number, three out of four are not aware they can call this number from anywhere in the EU.

In the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia and Finland more than half of the population know about 112. However, Italy, Greece and the UK continue to have the lowest awareness levels in the EU and less than 10% of citizens know about 112.

There was a modest increase of awareness at EU level compared to the previous year: from 24% in 2009 to 25% in 2010. In Belgium Slovakia, Poland, Latvia and Hungary citizens are significantly more aware of 112 as the EU-wide emergency number than in 2009.

Source: European Commission.

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