Audi uses Qualcomm technology for connected navigation

Qualcomm has announced that Audi’s Mobile Media Interface (MMI) Plus in-car navigation system, featuring integrated UMTS connectivity from Qualcomm, will be available on select Audi A8 vehicles this year.

The solution brings 3G high-speed data connectivity to the automobile and enables previously unseen navigation capabilities. The MMI’s embedded 3G connectivity also allows the car to perform as a mobile “hot spot”, allowing passengers to connect their Wi-Fi devices to the Internet from the vehicle.

Demonstrated in an Audi A5 Cabriolet, the connected MMI Plus system and several other connected car technologies will be displayed at the GSMA booth in the EMBEDDED MOBILE ZONE, 7EMZ, APP PLANET in HALL 7 at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

The newest generations of Audi A8 vehicles with the MMI Plus navigation system will have high-speed data connectivity and simultaneous voice and data connections enabled by Qualcomm’s technology.

Audi has made the most of this connectivity by integrating Google Earth to provide high-resolution, 3D satellite and aerial imagery to the navigation system. When these images are combined with a detailed street atlas and other online or offline content in real-time, the MMI Plus navigation system can provide route planning, points-of-interest and real-time traffic updates on a single, seamlessly integrated platform.

View screenshots of Audi’s connected navigation here.

Source: Qualcomm.

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