NAVTEQ launches enhanced 3D maps for Europe

NAVTEQ has introduced Enhanced 3D City Models in Europe – by adding texture and colours, cityscapes appear more authentic and help those using navigation systems more easily orientate themselves in unfamiliar situations.

Built from key attributes from the NAVTEQ map, this new product is extremely flexible, enabling navigable 3D animation to be generated in real-time. For example, buildings in the foreground can be made transparent, while leaving texture detail only on the corner of the next manoeuvre. It provides system developers with a wide range of customisation options on functions such as texture and camera perspective which can be used to create differentiation between products and brands.

Additionally, NAVTEQ’s unique build approach makes it possible to seamlessly incorporate the company’s other map and visual content with Enhanced 3D City Models to further improve the navigation experience.

This new content allows applications to intelligently include the right level of detail to support the requirements for specific guidance and orientation; for example, road attributes such as bridges, tunnels and lane markings or alternatively, pavements and pedestrian crossings. Providing only the most relevant visual details and the right amount of texture at the right time provides that people do not become distracted with information overload.

Enhanced 3D City Models is now available in Western Europe with further expansion across the continent and into Eastern Europe, Asia and South America planned for later this year. The product has also been launched in the United States.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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