Intermap and Waze form partnership to exchange data

Waze will provide Intermap with live data, consisting of anonymous GPS points – latitude, longitude, and height measurements.

Through ongoing analysis, Intermap can supplement its existing road change detection process, noting when new roads appear or existing roads change. Combining the Waze data with satellite imagery analysis, the Company will enhance its change detection capability and be enabled to pinpoint where additional technologies can be utilized to capture new and altered roads.

In return, the waze community will gain access to the Intermap road data collected throughout Western Europe via its proprietary airborne radar technology, allowing it to provide its local communities with accurate base maps that can quickly be transformed to become fully navigable.

The Intermap road dataset is a comprehensive set of road maps covering all roads, however small, accurately referenced to the earth’s surface. Waze can utilize the Intermap road dataset as a basis to overlay their live maps and real-time services.

“Intermap´s comprehensive and accurate road data helps Waze complete portions of our maps in areas where our users don’t travel so frequently,” said Uri Levine, co-founder and president of Waze.

Source: Intermap, Waze.

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