PSA to launch Peugeot Connect in April with new telematics box

The new Peugeot Connect service, available as of April 2010 in 10 European countries, is based around a new more accessible telematics box and a services package combined with high value added which includes:

– Peugeot Connect SOS, for emergency calls
– Peugeot Connect Assistance, for breakdown assistance
– Peugeot Connect Fleet, for fleet management

The Peugeot Connect box’s price tag of €290 incl. VAT covers Peugeot Connect services (SOS +Assistance), and related telephone communications with no time limit and without subscription.

The Peugeot Connect Fleet service aimed at fleet management professionals will be gradually rolled out with a dedicated subscription.

The 207 and 308 will be the first models to offer this equipment as an option, like the RCZ and i0n, launched this year. For these two custom-built vehicles, the Peugeot Connect box will be offered as standard.

This new offer will eventually be rolled out to other products in the range, either as standard or as an option depending on the car’s degree of finishing. This way Peugeot is bringing onboard connected services to the greatest number of motorists by turning its experience and leadership to full account.

Peugeot has been offering emergency calls since 2003 via the WIP radio navigation systems which are fitted to 400,000 vehicles. Since then, 3,500 people in difficulty have been assisted by the emergency services with 2,000 geolocalised automatic emergency calls recorded.

The large-scale rollout of Peugeot Connect in Europe is an essential part of Peugeot’s strategy to become leader in connected services.

Note: In 2009, PSA signed an agreement with P&T Luxembourg (network operator) for the Autonomous Telematics Box. Read more here.

Source: Peugeot.

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