Renault: “EV drivers need ITS”

At the ‘Intelligence into Urban Mobility’ workshop organised by ERTICO, Renault made a presentation on electrification of vehicles and ITS.

Here are some extracts from the presentation:

What does the driver need ?

  • Accurate real time traffic information
  • Autonomy assessment ( embedded or not)
  • Eco driving advices
  • Available charging spots based on back-office grid and charging spots management
  • Guidance to the nearest available and booked charging spot with eco navigation criteria

EV autonomy

  • Driving advices based on battery management and contextual data
  • Guidance to available and booked charging spots
  • RTTI based on accurate data and modelization
  • Navigation and suitable maps with dedicated data

Electricity supply management

  • Optimized transfer of electricity and data, based on Vehicle to Grid and Website communication
  • Smart metering and forecast capabilities to operate the electricity grid networks
  • Integration of renewable electricity into the grid
  • Billing and accounting

Download the entire presentation here.

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