Renault joins the GENIVI Alliance

GENIVI Alliance, an auto industry association driving the development and adoption of an open in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) reference platform, has announced that Renault has joined as a core member.

In addition, the alliance announced that Cisco Systems, Marvell International, NXP Semiconductor, Renesas Technology Corporation, Samsung Electronics and Valeo Interior Controls have also joined as new members.

As a core member, Renault can participate in technical councils and working groups to help drive the technical and marketing direction of the GENIVI alliance platform. Also, Renault may either contribute significant code or provide engineering resources for the continued development of the GENIVI alliance platform.

In-vehicle infotainment covers entertainment and information features and functionality. IVI is seen as a rapidly-changing and expanding field within the automotive industry and covers many types of vehicle infotainment applications including music, news, multimedia, navigation, telephony and internet services.

Marc Soulas, vice president, Electrical & Electronics Systems Engineering at Renault said: “Renault is willing to guarantee a safer, faster and cheaper access to software infotainment platforms which is consistent with the growing importance of infotainment systems as a key differentiator, especially for electric vehicles as well as the growing intimacy between safety related features and infotainment and telematics. GENIVI is identified as an enabler in our roadmap for future applications.”

Via: Automotive World.

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