TomTom’s Q4 ’09 PND sales rose in the US, but dropped in Europe

Fourth-quarter PND (portable navigation device) sales rose in North America by 8 percent to 8.6 million units, while European sales fell 13 percent to 4.3 million units, TomTom said in its latest financial report.

The company also found that the decline in the average selling price (ASP) of its PNDs worldwide continued to slow in 2009, falling 21 percent to 92 euros ($125 at $1.36 per euro) after a 2008 decline of 31 percent and a 2007 decline of 37 percent.

In the fourth quarter of 2009, the company also said it sold 100,000 downloads of its navigation app for iPhones worldwide, and it grew its fourth-quarter North American PND unit share sequentially to 29 percent from 20 percent.

For the year, the company’s worldwide PND sales fell 4 percent to 11.6 million units, but fourth-quarter units were up 15 percent year-over-year to 5.1 million units.

The company expects to sell a similar number of units in 2010. In dollars, PND sales fell 25 percent for the year to 1.1 billion euros ($1.49 billion) and were off 9 percent for the quarter to 402 million euros.

Companywide sales, including sales to automakers and licensing of Tele Atlas maps, were down 12 percent for the year to 1.48 billion euros ($2 billion) but up 1 percent in the fourth quarter year-over-year to 533 million euros.

Net profits hit 87 million euros for the year compared to a loss of 873 million euros in the prior year. The 2008 results reflected restructuring and goodwill impairment charges. Without those charges, the company would have posted a 2008 net profit of 143 million euros.

Courtesy: Twice.

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