EU: eCall will be fitted to just around 10% of new cars sold in 2014, says SBD

eCall regulation will impact every vehicle manufacturer, and those with little or no experience of European telematics are most at risk.

The likely introduction of eCall regulation will present the automotive industry with a range of challenges and opportunities. The challenges will be to implement low-cost solutions whilst overcoming the coverage gaps caused by unprepared PSAPs.

The opportunities will be to use eCall as a stepping stone to introducing high-value telematics services on a mass-market scale.

Private eCall faces an uncertain future, with valid questions emerging about its commercial and practical viability in the long-term. In order for private eCall to remain relevant after the introduction of public eCall, the entire value chain will need to adapt their offerings to minimise costs and maximise interoperability.

Telematics remains a niche technology within the automotive industry, as the cost of hardware, communication and services is still far beyond a threshold that most drivers find acceptable. However, the introduction of regulatory eCall from 2014 and low-cost Bluetooth-based connected navigation are expected to significantly boost the fitment rate of telematics in the car.

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