Alpine and Nokia show Smartphone integration in the car using CE4A tech

Alpine has announced together with Nokia and NAVTEQ a strategic partnership to bring a new connected technology called Terminal Mode to car infotainment systems.

This technology will provide Nokia’s Ovi services such as navigation, through smartphones that are integrated into the car environment. By integrating the smartphone handset seamlessly with in-car electronics, this technology is able to bring smartphone widget-based services like navigation, music, weather reports and application stores, in addition to the usual call and talk functions of a mobile phone into the car environment.

Once connected, and with appropriate safety measures in place, users are able to ergonomically and safely use services and applications through the high resolution screens and audio systems embedded in the car. The technology was developed in cooperation with CE4A and paves the way for standardized interface between smartphones and automotive infotainment systems.

Connectivity between the smartphone and the car allows for key information such as fuel levels and engine status to be combined with GPS information from the smartphone or car, enabling location-based services.

These services might include the nearest petrol station with the day’s lowest prices or even offering an e-coupon for a free coffee if the driver chooses a particular station. In addition, ADAS-based safety features could also be supported, for example, to warn drivers to slow down for an upcoming sharp bend.

Connection from the mobile device to the infotainment system is made either via Bluetooth or USB cable, a useful choice depending on the type of the journey. For a short distance the driver could leave the phone in a briefcase and connect wirelessly, but for longer journeys, the smartphone battery can be preserved by connecting with a cable.

This technology specification known as “Terminal Mode” is close to release and was developed in collaboration between Nokia and CE4A.

Source: Alpine.

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