Meta System and Sierra Wireless to develop telematics boxes

Meta System and Wavecom have announced that they are collaborating to develop two joint automotive telematics solutions.

The first joint solution is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) platform for automotive telematics, with particular focus on the following functionalities: eCall (emergency call), stolen vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics and fleet management.

A variant of the platform will integrate HSDPA/HSUPA technologies with the Wavecom Q26 Extreme product. The platform will permit high-speed connectivity and targets high-end telematics systems. Both variants are expected to launch in the third quarter of 2010.

In parallel, Meta System and Wavecom are jointly developing an optimized telematics on-board unit for the insurance market (Pay-Per-Use, Pay-As-You-Drive, Ecodriving, e-call and RoadCharging). The same unit can be used for tracking services or emergency calls.

The unit is expected to be on the market by the second half of 2009.

These two new projects come alongside an already existing collaboration between Meta System and Wavecom. Meta System is currently producing an on-board unit for the insurance market using the Wavecom Wireless Microprocessor, an industrial microprocessor with wireless modem functionality. The unit helps insurance companies reduce their repair and replacement costs. It provides undisputable accident data, which in turn reduces insurance fraud. It also enables the tracking of stolen vehicles, thereby improving the recovery rate.

Marco Achilli, Head of Marketing & Sales of Meta System Spa Automotive Division, says: “We are extremely pleased to have teamed up with the leading supplier of wireless technology to the automotive market.

Wavecom has well established relationships with the majority of the European car makers and a very strong position as a Tier 2 supplier worldwide, with an innovative technology roadmap that will help us to remain at the forefront of the evolution of automotive telematics.

We are particularly excited by the inSIM embedded SIM technology, which we believe will set a standard in the automotive world, and by the Intelligent Device Services offering which enables the remote monitoring and configuration of installed on-board units as well as software upgrades over-the-air.”

Source: Sierra Wireless.

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