Vehicle tracking uptake doubles says new survey


There has been a significant uptake of vehicle tracking according to DigiCore’s Vehicle Tracking Survey 2010, with 55% of companies now using the technology within their fleet operation.

This represents a sharp increase from previous research conducted in 2008, which showed a market penetration of around 25%. In addition, the findings suggest that vehicle tracking has become a valued fleet tool with 96% of operators using the technology stating that it has added benefit to their business.

The Survey reports that improving productivity (41%) is the main reason for adopting vehicle tracking. However, fleet operators are achieving a much wider range of benefits from using the technology with reduced costs (77%), increased productivity (64%), added security (52%), and enhanced fleet and employee performance (51%) the most extensively highlighted. In addition, many respondents stated that vehicle tracking also helps their business meet legislative requirements such as Duty of Care and Working Time Directive.

Of those respondents that are not using vehicle tracking 40% stated that this was because it did not meet the requirements of the business, and 37% stated that systems were too expensive.

Meanwhile, the survey also demonstrates that green initiatives still have a relatively low uptake. In fact, only 5% of respondents are implementing Green Band Driving or Eco Routing, with a further 24% currently considering the introduction of these initiatives. However, companies that have implemented Green Band Driving all reported benefits, with reduced fuel bills and reduced emissions.

Source: DigiCore.

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