Delphi announces new clients at the Geneva Motor Show

Delphi Automotive is supplying innovative technology to a large number of new vehicles introduced at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. From clean diesel systems to active safety technology, Delphi is working to help drivers stay safe and remain connected while lessening the environmental impact of the vehicle they drive.

Some of the vehicles at Geneva with Delphi technology:

* Alfa Romeo Giulietta – USB consumer port;

* Audi A1 – radio media center (connectivity navigation radio);

* BMW 5 Series – TV receiver, antennas, roof module, VideoSwitch, switches;

* Ford C-Max – electronically scanning radar, interior motion sensing, battery backed sound;

* Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet – Mobile TV receiver, antenna diversity system, remote audio tuner, DAB tuner, ultrasonic alarm, passenger occupant detection system;

* Mini Countryman – remote keyless entry-receiver in the mirror, roof module, illumination, switches;

* Porsche Cayenne – Mobile TV receiver, antenna diversity system, passenger occupant detection system (for US market);

* Volkswagen Touareg – passenger occupant detection system (for US market);

* Volvo S60 – collision mitigation system with autonomous braking, electronically scanning radar, head up warning display, passenger airbag cut off switch, audio reception system including satellite audio digital reception system, shark fin roof antenna, body computer module, wiring harnesses, connectors, complete wiring.

Courtesy: Delphi.

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