RWE and Harman form partnership for connected infotainment

At the Geneva Motor Show, the RWE energy company and Harman International demonstrated an application that allows customers to use the charging cable not only to charge their car, but also to download straight to the vehicle the latest podcasts, videos and other data, or to hook up with a high-speed internet connection.

“A fast data connection via the charging cable now also enables the user to download software and large quantities of data – rapidly and conveniently while the car is charging. This means that the electric car will soon be as multifunctional as a smartphone!” says Carolin Reichert, Head of E-Mobility at RWE Effizienz. “Electric car and home network will soon be closely linked – both in terms of energy usage and infotainment!”

Hans Roth, Director Global Business Development & Marketing at Harman International, adds: “Charging is becoming more intelligent – data transfer via charging cable opens up completely new possibilities for electric cars. Thanks to rapid and secure connections, we can now develop a host of new applications and services. As an active part of the intelligent electricity grid, electric vehicles offer some promising opportunities.”

Customer authentication, charging, registration of consumption and invoicing already take place automatically when the charging cable is plugged into the charging box. And now, with the help of Harman International, the Technical University of Dortmund and INSYS, RWE is working to add even more features to “intelligent charging”.

The infotainment system for electric vehicles will soon be available both at the public RWE charging stations and through the intelligent RWE Autostrom charging box for the home garage. The partners are also looking into ways to synchronise the car’s audio and infotainment system with the user’s private home network.

Source: RWE.

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