Rinspeed UC to feature Harman infotainment system

Rinspeed’s Urban Commuter (the UC or you see?) is a new concept in zero-emissions mobility for the future. This compact electric car for urban use measures only 2.5 meters long and can be combined with a rail transport system to enable longer distances to be covered using the existing rail network, also using an electric drive mechanism, which is good news for the environment.

The UC has powerful broadband access to the Internet. For example, the driver could use the online search function to check out the next long-distance connections and order train tickets for himself and his vehicle directly – all while on the move.

The system could provide the driver with active support during the process; including calculating the time required for road and rail travel as well as the time it will take to get from the station to the final destination, thereby guaranteeing optimum travel logistics. All functions may be voice controlled to ensure both a safe and informed driving experience.

At the same time, the system could also allow access to a virtual media storage solution. This means that passengers in the UC could access their remote personal data, e.g. from home or the office, at any time, simply calling it up from the Internet by means of an Internet connection.

In addition, it would be possible to use all the applications of a smartphone with ease. One of the USB interfaces could be used to connect smartphones, enabling their applications to be reproduced and used on the 6.5 inch display. Thanks to the high-performance platform, it would also be possible to exploit all other modern communication channels, such as Twitter, Facebook or Newsticker. Drivers and passengers could also enjoy a range of Internet radio services.

The new, scalable infotainment platform from Harman also integrates an environmentally responsible navigation system that includes “econo-route” guidance option provided by a routing algorithm specially tailored to calculate the route that will expend the least energy in reaching the destination; thereby minimizing emissions and, at the same time, increasing the car’s fuel range.

Source: Harman International.

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