Taoglas antennas used in BMW and Volvo for eCall

Article contributed to TN by Stephen Longden from SBD.

Taoglas is an Irish company started in 2004 by Dermot O’Shea and Ronan Quinlan. The company has grown from a two-person operation into an international design and consultancy company.

Taoglas antennas are installed in Ford Focus and Ford Galaxy cars at present, as well as in the diagnostics systems in Peugeots. They are also part of the recently developed ecall emergency response systems in Volvos and BMWs. Ecall automatically contacts the emergency services when a car’s airbags are activated. An onboard GPS sends the exact location of the car to an emergency call centre, while an internal GMS connection means the driver can also talk to the emergency services.

The system is being trialled in a number of countries and the EU is considering making the system mandatory. “In South Africa you cannot get insurance if you don’t have ecall fitted to your car. We also provide ecall antennas for Renault and Volkswagen in South America,” says O’Shea.

Learn more about Taoglas here.

Via IrishTimes.

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