RWE-Renault project to help develop navi systems for EVs

The “E-mobility in commuter traffic” development project will be examining the practical implications of “electric commuter traffic between Rhine and Ruhr”.

The project partners are RWE, Renault, Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen (fka), and the High-Voltage Engineering Institute of RWTH Aachen University.

The Federal Ministry for Traffic, Construction and Urban Development of Germany supports this project, to the tune of approximately €7 million.

The vehicle fleet consists of 40 Renault pre-production electric vehicles along with 110 converted electric cars that RWE is providing as lease vehicles. Renault is providing models of the Kangoo and the Fluence, which is already due for production launch in Europe in 2011, once the project is over.

The goal of this joint project is to integrate electric mobility into the everyday commuter traffic along the urban nexus of the A40 motorway. This metropolitan area, often blighted by traffic jams and concertina traffic, provides the ideal environment for testing the strengths of these clean and silent-running electric vehicles.

With the focus on the towns of Mülheim, Essen and Dortmund, RWE is to construct a comprehensive charging infrastructure by mid-2011. In addition, data will be collected to enable the development of products such as GPS devices with a clear charging station overview and route planning.

Courtesy: Renault.

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