Renault EV project in Italy to test V2G comms

The pilot project, “E-Moving”, the first electric vehicle experimentation in Italy, will start in June 2010 in the cities of Milan and Brescia, and is scheduled to run for one year.

The objective is to test the components of the electric mobility model designed in partnership by Renault and A2A (multi-utility company). More specifically, the tests will focus on:

· technology and distribution of charging infrastructures

· commercial processes and offerings (sales and rental solutions for electric vehicles)

· interaction between the charging network and the vehicles

· electricity supply for the vehicles and associated invoicing systems

· battery management

· electric vehicle maintenance.

As part of this project, consumers and businesses (public and private) will be able to test the first 60 zero-emission Renault vehicles to arrive in Italy.

The two models included in the test will be: Kangoo and Renault Fluence.

During the pilot phase, both electric vehicles will be available for an exclusive monthly rental comparable to that of a diesel car of the same size and performance.

The two cities in the Lombardy region will be the first in Italy to gain a complete, innovative charging infrastructure with 270 charging points for the mobility of electric vehicles. Milan in particular and Lombardy in general are perfect testing grounds for the electric vehicles given the pronounced enthusiasm for sustainable development of the government and the population in a region confronted with high levels of pollution.

Source: Renault.

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