Audi A8 features Nuance’s One-Shot Destination Entry

Nuance has announced that its One-Shot Destination Entry and multilingual media command and control speech technology are now featured in 2010 Audi A8 models.

Nuance’s innovative speech technology has been integrated into the Audi MultiMedia Interface (MMI) Touch in-car infotainment system for navigation, media and phone as a way to provide an easy-to-use interface that minimizes visual and manual distractions behind the wheel.

One-Shot Destination Entry: Drivers can enter an entire destination address in one, simple spoken command. For example, just say “London, Downing Street, 10” and the navigation system in the MMI Touch will begin the route. Systems deployed in the U.S. will allow drivers to say “street in vicinity,” eliminating the need to even input city and state.

Drivers will also have access to their address book. By saying “Navigate to John Smith, home address,” the system will begin the route.

Nuance’s speech capabilities featured in the Audi A8 will be rolling out spring 2010 in Europe and in the U.S., supporting U.S.-English, U.S.-Spanish, Canadian French, U.K. English, German, European French, European Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Dutch. Nuance One-Shot Destination Entry will initially be available in Europe.

Source: Nuance.

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