NAVTEQ’s ADAS Map Engine to get 3G connectivity

NAVTEQ is having its Map & Positioning Engine concept taken significantly closer to production by the development of a reference application in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors and the electronics and software specialist, Technolution.

The basic MPE reference package includes NAVTEQ’s MPE map and patented Electronic Horizon technology plus GPS microprocessor, memory and all the required software including map-matching, ADAS Interface Specification (ADASIS) and Controller Area Network (CAN) bus interface.

Working with this, NXP and Technolution have been establishing a clear path from concept to reference application and finally product development. Designed with application development in mind, the key to this progression is to bring an MPE alive on an ITS chipset as an enabler for location aware services and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

An important step forward is the ATOP chip set from NXP with 2.5/3 G connectivity. This enables Technolution to develop a full set of location aware services to be sent directly to back-end servers. A connectivity function will enable wireless incremental map updates which replace individual tiles in the map with new information.

MPE enables ADAS and location aware applications on all vehicles, even those without a navigation system or navigable map. In this case, the first implementation on the MPE chipset is a road usage based application featuring a speed alert service. The MPE generates an Electronic Horizon and calculates safe speeds for bends ahead the system can then recommend a speed and alert the driver accordingly.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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