US: California State cancels ‘cool cars’ regulation

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Under pressure from law enforcement in the state and others, the California Air Resources Board canceled the regulations that were adopted in June and set to be finalized by May 7. The plan aimed to sharply reduce heat in vehicles to in turn lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In a statement, the board noted many groups had raised issues involving performance of electronic devices and public safety. “Instead, the board will pursue a performance-based approach as part of its vehicle climate change program,” the board said.

Stanley Young, a board spokesman, said the state will begin a new process to set standards to reduce emissions from air conditioning and provide cooler car interiors.

The California Police Chiefs Association, California State Sheriffs Association, Crime Victims United of California and other groups warned that the new standards, requiring window glazing to keep car interiors cool, could degrade signals from cell phones and ankle monitoring bracelets worn by felons in rural or mountainous areas.

The sheriffs said the possible impact on 911 calls in some remote areas is a “significant risk to the safety of the caller.”

Via: Detroit News.

Related: Cool Cars regulation may affect Bluetooth-based eCall.

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