Motoriety: Smartphone app that talks to the car’s OBD port

Motoriety from Motolingo is a Smartphone app that works together with an OBD connector module, which can send vehicle diagnostic data to the phone using Bluetooth.

The app is offered in two versions: free app with $200 OBD connector or subscription plan ($10 a month) that includes the OBD connector.

How it works:

A Bluetooth link on a cell phone is used to collect data from embedded computers onboard all 1996 and newer vehicles in the US. The data is retrieved with a small device that plugs into the standard diagnostic port used by service and repair shops:

Features of the FREE version:

Driver Distraction Warnings – Check the number of times a driver has sent emails, text messages, and made a phone call while the vehicle was moving on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Street Tweet – MotoRiety “tweets” about driver behavior and vehicle location using Twitter. Friends, family and employers can follow vehicles and their owners while social networking.

Geofencing – Get notified when the driver and vehicle leaves a defined “geofence”.

High Speed Warnings – Prevent expensive speeding tickets and high speed crashes.

The paid (subscription) version includes the following in addition to the above features:

Aggressive Acceleration Detection, Drive Trip Records, Idle Monitoring, Service reminders, Check Engine Light Read & Reset (the app reads the fault code and sends the results in an email. The phone application can clear the fault and in many cases), Green Driving Aide.

The app currently works on Windows phones, and an Android app is coming. iPhone users won’t get the service until iPhone supports multitasking.

Click here to see a sample vehicle report.

Via: Motolingo, Cnet.

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