Peugeot iPhone app for ‘Mu’ ~ changing dealers to car hire outlets

The iPhone application available on App Store enables the 2000 or so holders of a Mu account to manage their mobility needs wherever they are.

With an iPhone, they now have the possibility to review their ongoing transactions, prepare a forthcoming weekend, call their mobility adviser with a single click, or locate the nearest Peugeot outlet and find out how to get there via geo-location.

With this application, account holders also have access to information about all available services: current offers, tariffs, sales outlets… Moreover, the application enables Mu account holders to order accessories, book travel arrangements or even arrange driving lessons with a network partner.

What is Mu:

A new scheme by Peugeot under which users buy points (mobility units) that are used to rent Peugeot cars, vans, scooters and bicycles. Users can also use the points to hire accessories such as trailers and roofboxes.

Points, or credits, in France cost 20 cents each. A bike for the morning works out at €3 (£2.60). The 308 cabriolet is 800 points (€160, or £139) for the weekend, as is the 5008 people carrier. Some of the UK’s main car hire companies charge in excess of £300 for an MPV of similar specification.

It also works out cheaper than owning a car, according to Peugeot: a city dweller whose annual needs add up to a small car for 10 weekends, a bike for 30 days, and an MPV for three weekends would use up 8,150 points, equivalent to €1,630 (£1,412). There’s no road tax, no insurance, no depreciation and no maintenance costs to pay.

Peugeot aims to take the concept forward. As well as offering a wide range of vehicles (something the company is in a unique position to do because it makes bikes, scooters and vans as well as cars) it believes it can undercut the opposition because it already has a network of collection points and vehicles in place via its dealer network.

Via: Peugeot, The Times.

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