UK: Wireless Logic to introduce new business model in the M2M market


Wireless Logic, the UK’s leading independent M2M connectivity supplier, is launching Wireless Logic Airtime Finance. For the first time, companies will be able to bundle connectivity together with hardware and software costs, into one airtime contract.

Traditionally, customers looking for a complete connectivity solution would need to source funding for hardware and software separately to the airtime contract which would often result in multiple relationships and a complex billing structure.

Wireless Logic Airtime Finance offers M2M customers the ability to offer customers a ‘one-stop-shop’; offering a tailor-made airtime tariff, alongside a fully financed hardware, software and connectivity contract, based on individual needs, business model and financial circumstances.

Says Philip Cole, Sales Director and Co-Founder, Wireless Logic: “Constraints within the technology industry have, until now, made it difficult for companies to package airtime in with big procurement deals. For those seeking leasing agreements via their systems integrator (SI), end users are often faced with multiple bills, from multiple suppliers; a headache for both customers and SIs to manage.

“We’ve removed several layers of complexity so that now SIs can come to Wireless Logic for a total solution inside one agreement which will deliver up front finance for all hardware, software, airtime and management needs; all managed by one provider. Coupled with this will be an ongoing monthly revenue rebate, enabling a regular source of income for the duration of the contract.”

Under the terms of its Managed Finance solution, Wireless Logic customers can now benefit from a competitively priced airtime tariff across three, four or five years, with an additional monthly revenue-sharing model. Customers will have the choice to receive a lump sum up-front or to stagger payments over a period of time – giving them valuable liquidity as their business grows and in turn protecting the banks with safer business.

Philip Cole concludes: “For many of our systems integrators, and their end-user clients, this ‘off balance sheet’ model is aimed at a key part of the market for which, to-date, traditional M2M airtime contracts were not appropriate and could not be fulfilled. Wireless Logic has successfully created a model that combines an airtime and equipment, in one simple deal. Our airtime rates will be at least comparable but, in many cases, even more competitive to existing leasing options and, as an equity stakeholder in the delivery of the service with our customers, this model is being well received.”

For more information, call Wireless Logic’s Managed Airtime Finance team on 0844 8044111 or click here to visit Wireless Logic.

Source: Wireless Logic.

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