ViaMichelin Traffic to use PTV to process floating car data

Normally, the main source of data for traffic information services is provided by detector equipment installed along motorways and trunk roads. However, the detectors do not cover the entire road and information network.

In order to close this information gap, ViaMichelin uses Floating Car Data (FCD) which are transmitted from vehicles on the road, thus turning cars into mobile sensors. This technique delivers precise information about the driving speed on a specific route and converts it into detailed traffic information for the entire road network of France.

Dr. Andreas Ludwig, Project Manager at PTV Germany, says: “PTV has always been able to process extremely large amounts of traffic data. In this cooperation with ViaMichelin, we will leverage this recognized know-how in the field of real-time data, to allow ViaMichelin to develop an even more reliable and powerful high-quality service for the whole of France.“

Source: PTV.

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