Harman and Continental use Cellport’s tech for internet-connected services

Cellport’s patented Internet-connected vehicle technologies are the backbone of many mobile Telematics solutions. Popular new automotive applications, such as Google search and downloading directions/music to the vehicle, use Internet connectivity for ease, simplicity and cost savings.

“Our cutting-edge research and development in connected vehicles enabled us to secure five foundational patents which comprise our Mobile Network Technology portfolio,” said Pat Kennedy, Cellport founder and CEO. “These five patents now have over 660 forward citations for an 11:1 forward-to-backward citation ratio; putting the portfolio into a highly distinguished class.”

Cellport has been developing and patenting Mobile Networking Technologies since 1993 and the portfolio is the fundamental building block in today’s Internet-connected vehicle applications.

Dr. Axel Fuchs, founder of Inventero, was a senior researcher at Daimler AG in the mid-1990s when he discovered Cellport’s Mobile Network Technologies. “The Mercedes Benz prototype, built with Cellport’s innovative vehicle server products, opened our eyes to the vast opportunities of leveraging Internet technology-based applications for automotive use,” said Dr. Fuchs. “This technology is now being deployed by nearly a dozen vehicle producers around the world.”

Early Cellport investors, including AT&T Wireless, Cisco Systems and Omron Corporation – Japan, helped fund the company’s innovations and patent successes.

Today, Cellport continues to advance research in the wireless and vehicle markets; having licensed its technology over the past decade to nearly a dozen firms including Motorola, Continental AG and Harman International. These companies, and others, have produced systems for over twenty million vehicles using Cellport’s patent portfolios.

Learn more about Cellport here.

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