US: Mazda launches free ‘Mazda Assist’ iPhone app

The new iPhone App is designed to help Mazda drivers obtain immediate roadside assistance, should they find themselves with a flat tire, out of gas, locked out of their car, or in need of a tow due to a mechanical failure.

The App puts drivers directly in touch with a roadside assistance agent, who can quickly dispatch roadside assistance to the vehicle’s exact location via GPS-enabled technology, anytime.

The Mazda Roadside Assistance App is the first interactive push notification-based roadside Application in the industry. The App gives drivers estimated time of arrival (ETA) and Service Provider information throughout the roadside event.

Mazda owners can expect to receive three notifications via the App:

• ETA for service and service provider information with the ability to directly call the service provider or Mazda Roadside Assistance.

• Once ¾ of the ETA has elapsed, a reminder notification will be sent to the App with the remaining ETA and Service Provider information and the ability to directly call the service provider or Mazda Roadside Assistance.

• Confirmation that the service provider has arrived and service has been completed.

The system works in conjunction with Mazda’s roadside assistance and roadside assistance plus programs.

To offer more efficient service, the App lets owners input critical data pertaining to their vehicles such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), color and other information. For added safety, Mazda Roadside Assistance includes an emergency response button for urgent situations.

The App is designed for easy, intuitive use: After first asking whether the driver is in a safe location and giving the option to request immediate emergency help, Mazda Roadside Assistance then prompts the operator to select from a menu of disablement types.

Depending on the response from the driver, further queries are made to quickly determine the specific nature of the problem and whether, for example, you have a good spare tire onboard or not.

The App can be downloaded, free of charge, by logging onto, beginning April 6, 2010. The App runs on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. It is not available on iPod Touch. The App was developed in partnership with Mazda’s roadside assistance partner, Cross Country Automotive Services.

Source: Mazda.

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