Nokia and Continental collaborate on Smartphone integration

Continental and Nokia are collaborating on Terminal Mode – a concept that will enable drivers and passengers to seamlessly connect, display and control mobile phone apps via an in-vehicle dashboard display.

“The timing of our collaborating is ideal because smartphones and applications continue to proliferate in consumer culture. At the same time, drivers and passengers want to use their mobile phone applications — like free in-vehicle navigation — while inside their car.

However, displaying navigation information on a small and static mobile phone screen while inside a car is the wrong human machine interface (HMI),” said Kieran O’Sullivan, executive vice president of Continental’s Connectivity and Infotainment Business Unit..

“Nokia is working together with Continental to explore how we can provide our customer with an enhanced in-vehicle experience by providing access to mobile applications via an automotive enabled HMI.

For example, we are investigating together with Continental how the Terminal Mode technology can help present content from the smartphone available via a large in-vehicle color display, enabling the phone to be controlled via touch screens, steering wheel buttons and communicating information such as turn-by-turn directions over an in-vehicle audio system,” said Vesa Luiro, Director, Automotive.

Nokia is integrating the Terminal Mode ( TM ) protocol, which is in the final stages of standardization and co-created with CE4A, into future mobile devices. Continental also has identified a variety of approaches that would enable it to integrate Terminal Mode technology into its in-vehicle infotainment products.

Once Terminal Mode technology is embedded into a mobile phone and an automobile, a consumer will be able to connect their mobile device easily to the car using a high-speed USB 2.0 connection.

When the device is connected, content that is visible on the mobile phone screen will be replicated, visible and can be controlled via the in-vehicle display or steering wheel controls.

Source: Continental.

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