TomTom launches HD Flow and HD Route Times

TomTom has launched HD Flow and HD Route Times to help government agencies better manage traffic flows and to enable them to provide better traffic information to the public.

“These two new solutions build on our expertise and are ideal for systems designed to provide travel times on alternative routes for optimal routing and traffic flow efficiency during road work.

In addition, government institutions and road construction and mobility managers can leverage the precise real-time information to gain better control of their road networks and keep drivers fully informed along the way on a day-to-day basis” said Anne van Houwelingen, Senior Vice President of Mobility Solutions at TomTom.

HD Flow:

HD Flow delivers a real-time, highly detailed view of how all traffic is flowing on the road network delivered in European standards including DATEX2/TMC/XML to ensure easy integration into existing systems.

Governments can integrate this real-time flow information into their traffic control centres to better monitor road network traffic and see the effects of traffic management directly on all motorways and secondary roads.

HD Route Times:

HD Route Times is a turnkey solution providing precise, real-time travel and delay times for all possible routes, giving governments the dynamic information needed to update variable messaging signs (VMS) along key routes.

As the data is updated every minute, drivers are provided with insight into which route is fastest at any given moment and can help drivers select the faster routes, which in turn optimises traffic flow.

HD Flow and HD Route Times are now available for government entities with initial coverage available for Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland for all highways and secondary roads.

Coverage for additional countries is scheduled to be added in the course of 2010. Cross border traffic information is also included in the offerings.

Source: TomTom.

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