US: Total Traffic to add news and other services using Journaline

Total Traffic Network and Fraunhofer IIS are working together to deliver real-time news information on Total Traffic Network Plus, such as local and national weather conditions, sports scores, and news headlines, directly to mobile devices in the U.S. through a simple to navigate menu structure.

The new offering is based on Journaline, the international standard for high quality data services for the transmission of text-based information over digital broadcast systems.

Total Traffic Network is the leading source of current traffic information for 125 metropolitan areas in four countries, supplying real-time traffic data to more than 125 million users through partnerships with automotive manufacturers like BMW, Mazda, Aston Martin, Volvo (all of whom offer subscription-free services) as well as navigation device makers TomTom, Garmin, ASUS, Navigon, NavNGo, Mio Technology, Delphi, Kenwood, Clarion and Harmon Kardon, among others.

As an open, internationally standardized data application for digital radio systems, Journaline delivers hierarchically structured textual information, enabling users to easily and immediately access topics and information they are most interested in.

Users can browse all received information – both program-related and program-independent textual information – and select their favorite news items when and where they want.

Specifically designed for digital broadcast services, Journaline:

* Works with virtually any broadcast platform due to its low transmission bandwidth consumption

* Supports a metadata option for high quality text-to-speech playback

* Features geo-referencing to enable the presentation of locally relevant information

* Delivers a ‘Hot Button’ feature that allows broadcasters to trigger backchannel interactivity such as, linking to online websites, initiating phone calls or sending short text messages

The popularity and demand for Journaline is growing. Earlier in 2010, JVC announced its JVC KD-NT3HDT in-dash receiver as the first receiver to support Journaline for in-vehicle applications. This receiver is the first of many to come with Journaline and Total Traffic Network Plus implementation.

On a global scale, Journaline is featured on air by many international broadcasters today, particularly over the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting, Eureka 147) platforms.

Click here to learn more about Journaline.

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