EU: NAVTEQ’s location-based advertising gets 7% click through rate

NAVTEQ has released results of its first location targeted campaign in Europe by a global brand advertiser, McDonald’s.

The campaign, powered by NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising, enabled McDonald’s to deliver location-relevant mobile ads to users of Nokia Ovi Maps when they were within a certain distance of McDonald’s 82 restaurants in Finland.

The ad campaign promoted a McDonald’s cheese burger for 1 euro, resulting in a solid, measureable ROI, a 7.0% click-thru rate. Consumers clicked on the ads to see promotion details and receive driving or walking directions to the nearest store location.

Of users who clicked through, 39% selected the click-to-navigate option which offered ”drive to” or ”walk to” navigation to the nearest McDonald’s location using Nokia’s Ovi Maps navigation.

“Targeting consumers when they are near our locations and then navigating them right into our stores is powerful marketing for McDonald’s,” said Tomi Wirtanen, head of marketing, McDonald’s Finland. “We are thrilled with the results from this campaign. NAVTEQ LocationPoint proved that location targeted mobile advertising does indeed drive foot traffic into our restaurants.”

Source: NAVTEQ.

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