EU: Mobile phone navigation usage increases by 68%

comScore has released data from a survey, reporting a 68 percent increase in the use of mobile mapping and direction services across Europe in the last year.

In February, more than 21 million mobile users age 13 or older in the EU5 countries (U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy) used their mobile handsets for navigation.

The highest growth among EU5 countries was seen in the UK market, with an 86 percent increase to 5.7 million mobile map users.

Italy remains the second largest market for mobile mapping and direction services with 4.9 million users, but has experienced the least growth (53 percent) versus year ago.

Germany ranked third with 3.9 million mobile map users, followed by France (3.5 million) and Spain (3.1 million).

Among those who accessed maps via their mobile devices for the three month period ending February 2010, most (68.2 percent) accessed those services in a car or other vehicle.

35.3 percent of the total users accessed the services while using public transport; and 27 percent did so while walking, running or cycling.

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