US: NHTSA may mandate park assist; warns against infotainment

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is considering a comprehensive approach to distracted driving — a term used to describe anything from cell phones to in-car entertainment systems.

“Rather than react to every technology as it pops up and becomes a distraction, NHTSA needs a framework that clearly defines the danger zone for the driver,” said NHTSA head David StricklandStrickland.

“We will not take a back seat while new telematics and infotainment systems are introduced.”

NHTSA also is working toward minimizing back-over accidents, Strickland said. The government ultimately could require automakers to install rear cameras or other equipment to alert a driver that something or someone is behind a vehicle, before backing up.

In 2007, NHTSA estimated back-over accidents result in at least 183 fatalities annually and about 7,000 injuries.

Source: Detroit News.

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